Saturday, 30 August 2008

Amongst the Olives... I've always like those long 1940s war aprons. I think it's because they look like they could be worn as dresses as well as being practical and also look great over Jeans. But MOST of all for some bizarre reason I'm really drawn to what old Grandmothers wear in places like Greece, Italy or France. I like to imagine these old women spending their lives out in the olive groves, skin a bit leathery from the sun, but still in fine health from their country lifestyle. I doubt they put much thought into what they wear but I just love the way they layer up, tunics over jumpers or a long wrap's almost like a uniform. Is it a style particular to a certain generation? or perhaps one day you reach a certain age and that's it!...on goes the smock! Anyway that idea inspired me to do a small batch of Verity Hope dresses with more of a casual look which could be worn over existing clothing. After all who doesn't like wearing jeans? I sling them on all the time and any item of clothing I have that goes with them STAYS in my wardrobe because it means I WEAR it. And with the winter months fast approaching I'm now on the look out for ways to layer up my clothing too and make extra use of them. Short sleeves don't just have to be for sunny days (which seem to be non-existent in the UK) so I thought I would make more use of my short lived sleeveless clothes all year round if I wear them over something warm... Hey presto...makes an ordinary outfit look a bit more interesting I'm telling myself... Now I want to head down to a rural village and sit on a balcony...

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