Thursday, 07 August 2008

McCall's Peg Wooden Doll I bought this pattern for a reproduction Peg Wooden Tuck Comb doll a few years back on Ebay. The seller is oregonraindrops and here is the link to her shop: She sells wonderful cloth doll patterns too! It's a copy of one produced in the McCall's Needlework Annual in the 1980s. Not being a wood crafter myself (though I'd love to try) I kept a look out for ages on Ebay to see if a ready made doll would come up.� I couldn't believe it when one by the well known Fred T. Laughon came up for auction AND with a costume just like the one in the original pic! When she arrived the dress was quite faded and blue in colour so I soaked it in a green dye to bring the colours up again and more in line with the drawing. Her Bloomers and Petticoat also needed a good wash. I repainted her body and face so that she would feel all new again.� I'm really not great with a brush and paint so cheated a bit and used a fine nib pen to do the small features. Now I'm writing this because for months after her first repaint she stood happily but 'sternly' on my desk but we just didn't bond.� Her mouth always bothered me, it didn't suit her and her eyes didn't look kind enough and the white colour made her too much like a China Doll...which was what she was not! SO I've finally taken the plunge and scraped off her wonky mouth and repainted her to a more golden glow. I'm so pleased I did it and she's never looked back. Her features may still not be the greatest artistic work in the world BUT she stands taller, brighter and much more...

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