Friday, 03 October 2008

New Dresses in Floral Prints.... It's always nice when you can finally see the end result of a lot of hard work. I've finally managed to get together the new batch of Verity Hope Dresses this time made from a variety of prints. This first one is called 'Promenade Des Fleurs'. There are oodles of tiny meadow flowers sprinkled over a forget me not blue background and the fabric is a medium weight cotton. It's my absolute favourite shade of blue and has everything I like in a printed fabric. I only had a little bit of fabric so could only make one. It's in the Etsy shop and I'll be putting all the dresses on the website over the next few days. Next is 'Meadow Bed'. This print reminds me of the tiny flowers scattered over the floor of a wild field. Okay I'm dreaming a bit but I love being around fields and the outdoors in general and love prints that reflect that. It's nice to be girly and the dresses can be dressed down over jeans. Again I could only make one of these but may have enough fabric left to produce a wrap top...we'll see. Next is a very Wintery fabric. It's made from a fine wool. I made two of these in different sizes. Last but not least is the cream of the crop. My Dana Ashley Dress in a floral LIBERTY OF LONDON print. A Dana Ashley is the same as the Verity Hope dress with the three bust darts except that it doesn't have a frill. It's more of a casual wrap over. Some one told me they using theirs as a wrap over in their dance class. I absolutely love Liberty fabric prints. They use bright mixes of colours without being garish. I know a small shop...

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