Thursday, 06 August 2009

Nostalgic Florals... I'm going to be going overseas again soon so have been extremely busy getting as many dresses made up and in stock before leaving. I had a mountain of beautiful cotton lawn fabric I'd collected last year from London with pretty delicate tiny flower prints along with some mini black and white polka dot fabric...always a favourite.... and also a Java print from Indonesia.... I decided to make some apron style wraps with the fabric...the kind that had a nostalgic war time feel... I imagined an old 1940s wooden ironing board with a lady standing behind in her cover up protecting her day wear. Most of the versatile wraps have satin bias edging and are looser fitting than my regular Verity Hope Dress line. Speaking of which...VH is staying but will be transitioning to a new look for 2010. The current sleeveless variety currently listed in my shops will be the last of the linen line. Maybe not forever and ever but at least for a few years probably.... It's because I have found a new fabric that I am very excited about and will be developing a mix and match range based around the signature Verity Hope dress... Each piece will be interchangeable to allow an effortless versatile wardrobe ideal for relaxation and vacations... I can't say anymore yet but hope to get some preview photos up around October time or a bit sooner. A first photo shoot is scheduled in California in September which I'm very excited about! Will keep you posted! All current dresses are available on Etsy.

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