Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Long Time No see.... It has been ages since my last blog! The reason is I've kind of been in transit. My life has suddenly become split between the UK and the US and on Tuesday I will be making my fifth trip across the pond this year! Phew!! that's a lot of air miles and do I wish I had been collecting them! Also had a couple of weeks in the beautiful virgin Islands... for a spot of snorkeling. Met one of these beauties... AND ONE OF THESE!! I didn't realise he was a STING RAY at the time....just as well else I would not have spent the wonderful moment with her/him for irrational fear of being you know what! They're beautiful elegant creature and swim through the water so gracefully and peacefully. My jet hopping has also explained why my Etsy Shop and Website have also been opening and closing rather randomly over the past few months. But to solve this I have now decided to bring some stock over to the US on my trip on Tuesday, this will allow the Verity Hope dresses etc to remain available AND at US shipping prices! Well, that's when I work out the adjustments which may take me a week or so once I've sorted myself out. There are going to be lots of changes ahead this year for the MALPHI range. The signature Verity Hope Dress is staying along with the Bloomers and Dana Ashley Dress but I'm sourcing a new wonderful fabric (secret for now) which I'm very excited about! It will allow for lots of flow and will be extremely comfortable and adaptable. Along with the new fabric the dresses will also be made up in slightly larger batches, no more being OUT OF STOCK constantly hurray! It's been wonderfully challenging...

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