Sunday, 14 December 2008

Phew!! I've finally finished! Phew!...I've finally completed the last two Verity Hope Dresses in the new colours...Loganberry and Forest. This is the Loganberry.... Now it's a question of having all the sizes in stock....oh how I wish I had some little Elves to help me! Wouldn't that be so nice to wake up in the morning greeted with a chirpy "good morning" by some little friends with smiley faces ready and eager with thread in hand. But in the meantime I'll get the full four sizes out as soon as I can over the next two weeks. The Loganberry is similar to purple but less blue and more muted if you can tell by the swatches... I don't produce many dresses in each size because of my Elf shortage which is why they're quite often not available along with the Bloomers. This is the Forest... I have a tiny amount left of the Ruby and Atlantic... so after making some more apron kits up will see if I have enough to do a couple more dresses in those colours too. I'm guessing sizes large and x-large would be the best sizes to do. I'm dying to make an apron (or two) and have such a large pile of fat quarters, scraps and trimmings all waiting for creative inspiration. I'm also feeling a doll making session come on as a result of my search last week. I dug out this little friend I'd started a few years back.... and to my joy I'm further on completing his/her friend than I'd thought. Just the hair is needed on this one... It usually happens this time of year. I suddenly get hit with so many ideas. I've been dying to make some dolls out of papier mache too. Has anyone used one of those pourable ones? I've...

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