Saturday, 22 September 2012

Much ado about EVERYTHING! I hope everyone enjoyed themselves over the festive season. I have so much sewing to get on with now after a busy period. So low on stock with EVERYTHING! especially the Verity Hope dresses which sold really well over Christmas. I'll try and get all the sizes out again as soon as time allows. I have a couple more runs to do in the current colours: Loganberry, Moonlight, Forest Green and Brown before it'll be time to order a new colour of two for Spring. I'm already thinking about that...thinking I may finally succumb to black as I have a 'floral' idea to go with that...think French??? and may even do some bloomers in black to match. I've also had many requests to bring back the red (Ruby) colour so am giving it serious thought. Red would also fit in well with the theme I'm thinking up. But anyway back to NOW....I'm going to be unavailable the last two weeks of January so that will explain why the sites will be lower on stock for the next month or so. But hopefully by mid February all the sizes will start to appear again. I can't wait to get some more Bloomers out....there's been a long delay with the fabric suppliers so again we're looking towards late Feb early March before I can get the sizes out again. All in all it means A LOT of work ahead! Apron.ology™ by Stampington and Company is coming out very soon! Feb 1st is the launch date I believe. It'll be strange seeing one's own aprons featured in a magazine. Does anyone else have an apron appearing in it? I'd love to hear. In time for the launch I've managed to squeeze in some apron time. I'm making individual one of a kind ones....

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